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About us

  • Who we are

    We’re a small team of 15 creative developers, designers and copywriters located in Tirana, Albania. We love to work on great products for clients to help them achieve their goals together with our expertise, creativity and crafting

  • Our Goal

    Fulfilling all client requirements with quality, and within time and resources.

  • Why should you work with us?

    • Because we’re a team, which is fast, creative and practical!
    • Because we find the right solutions to your problems, and goals
    • Because we implement the latest technology: In web, mobile, and with attractive design.
    • Because we understand you – whether you understand code, or not.
  • Technologies we use

    • Our developers are specialized on PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript.
    • We also use frameworks like Symfony, Laravel, etc., but many times it’s best to go from scratch.
    • We develop native mobile applications in Java, and Objective-C for the Android, and IOS platform.
  • How we do it

    • Analyze requirements and the system
    • Defines strategies and advice most suitable solutions
    • Agile development using Scrum technique with Kanban boards
    • High importance on security – from server, to code, implementations and usage: SSL, CDNs, PCI-compliance, data-encryptions, ..
    • Daily support over phone, mail and skype

Our Skills & Expertise

Manoolia is a fast growing company dedicated to improve efficiency of software development practices. Our clients are spread all over the world.

They choose us over our competition because we are business driven and application focused. Our employees are professionals who always advance their skills andprofession, making us the most sought after software development partner and employer.

  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • MySQL

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