Elegant WordPress Themes: What makes them elegant

In the English language dictionaries, the adjective elegant is defined as “a graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.” In programming and design, the concept fits perfectly as it makes digital products more easy to use and more user-friendly. How to know if you can call a theme “elegant”? Here are the three main characteristics of an elegant WordPress theme.

An elegant theme is one with a simple design that makes the user feel comfortable and love your website, since the moment she sees the main page of it. The layout of a theme must be simple and to show everything at a place at the same time, and this comes by reducing the colors used and other features, by using nice fonts, etc. Elegant themes are known for their high-resolution graphics, for the combination of a few colors and for being user-friendly.

It is very important for a theme to be UX and easy to use. A study by Netcraft in 2012 found that people launch more than 140.000 new websites per day on the internet. Can you imagine how our brain gets bombed with so much information from +10 tabs we open as soon as we sit in front of our computer? Neuroscientists are claiming that too much information is harming our brain and people are focusing on what they really need to see on the internet. So, the chances for a new visitor to come to your site and stay there for more than 30 seconds are not that high! That’s where an elegant theme comes at help for you. If you are thinking of launching a new personal or business website, chose a simple theme!

An elegant theme is very stylish! It is the creative mind behind a theme that has to think of what style a theme needs, based on its functionality and purpose. The style is what you can’t see but notice it is there, it’s what makes the theme unique and authentic. As they say, “Fashion says Me too. Style says Me only!”

What is more important, a beautiful website will make you or your business look more reliable and serious to the site visitors. An elegant website you make your visitors curious about your history, your posts, your mission, etc. As a quote says, “Elegance is not being noticed, is about being remembered.”


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