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Free responsive Minimalist WordPress Theme – MioMio

October 13, 2014 / Manoolia / 243 Comments

We’ve just finished MioMio WordPress theme, a new free and simple design which has a sweet minimalist characterism. Comparing to many other freebie themes out there, it almost can be called a professional, premium theme 🙂 It fit’s best for your personal blog. That doesn’t mean that it can’t be customized for a business, magazine, or an organization, use your imagination!

The MioMio theme comes with a flat design, which is very popular these days. It even includes features like Google Web Fonts where you can choose one of dozens fonts which you like most. Further there’s an slider with featured posts integration. The sidebar can be of course integrated with widgets, and lots of shortcodes. Last but not least, in the Theme Options page in the admin-panel, you even have the possibility to edit the elements according to your needs. Take a look:





Did we mention that it is completely responsive? Yes, you heard right, that means it will be perfect for any mobile & tablet visitors that you have. Don’ t forget that almost 30% of all visitors might be non-desktop users at your website – check the analytics of your choice to know better.

What’s also an unique point of this website design is, that the code is really good optimized for page speed. The clean code makes it really fast.



– Change logo and favicon from options page.
– Custom menu
– Scrolling page header for better user experience


– A minimal slideshow for displaying the featured posts
– Elegant posts’ listing sections that comes together with pagination


– Cool portfolio overview with some nice CSS3 animations.


– Right sidebar where you can place widgets
– Custom built-in  image widget


– Changing Google maps by placing coordinates on theme options’ section named Contact
– Contact form using Contact Form 7 plugin


– Change copyright text
– Custom menu on the right

Other Features:

– Add your custom scripts from admin
– Google Analytics


MioMio is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.0. You can use this theme in personal and commercial projects.

Demo & Download


Enjoy it & leave feedback if you have any!
We appreciate it if you have suggestions which we can add, or find any errors.

P.S. Thanks to DigitaleHeimat for the support

  • Mayanktaker

    Awesome theme.. Perfect for me 🙂
    Thank you team!

  • Lucian

    it’s not compatible with IE8, any suggestion how to fix this?

  • Manoolia

    Hi Lucian,
    unfortunately the theme doesn’t support IE8 because it uses some more latest web technology that IE8 can support. Thanks

  • Manoolia

    Thanks @Mayanktaker:disqus 🙂

  • Perfect matches with something I was searching for! Good one!

    • admin

      Thanks! 🙂

  • I have trouble finding the Theme Options panel you mention as a premium feature. Am I supposed to buy the premium theme? Becase the Panel is definitly not being shown in my wordpress layout automatically.

    • admin

      Hi LUUDwine,
      the Theme Option panel is free for sure. Have you tried to update your WordPress? Or check out any plugin that may conflict with it? On our part everything is ok and the Theme Option panel works good.

  • This is a great theme, I have it installed on my site.
    Check it out:
    Is there any shortcodes built in to this theme?

    • admin

      Hi Tom,
      that’s great! Yeah there are several shortcodes we have built for it and you can find them here
      ps: Can you you please link somewhere?

  • Hello.
    All projects that create, by clicking on it, says page not found, error 404. However the links are correct and created projects, know what might be wrong?

    • admin

      Hi Thiago,
      please try to refresh the permalinks. Make sure you don’t have any other page named ‘project’ too, as it conflicts with the custom post used for the portfolio. I hope this will help.

      Manoolia Team

  • Okay everything is nice and simple but what if someone doesn’t want a map on the contact form? I tried to remove to coordinates to see if it removes it and yes it worked but it is still taking its area where the map is located, there’s nothing but a blank space but I want the contact form to move upward and fill the blank space so is there any solution?

    • admin

      Hi Sherri,
      for the moment that is impossible. We’ll make that feature in the other version of the theme coming soon.

  • Hi admin,

    I am using this theme. its really very nice,but i am facing one issue i want to add silder image, but m not see any slider option on admin?? why??? can u tell me

    • admin

      Hi Varsha,
      only the Featured posts are shown in the slideshow. To make a slideshow featured you need to go to the post and check the “Feature Post” field on the right of the screen.

  • yayat

    Awesome theme. I’ve some question.
    1. I don’t have embeded video. I’ve tried using [youtube], [video class="vimeo"]video link[/video], and [iframe] from share youtube page. the result only show a link. Can you help me?
    2. How can i replace “leave a reply”? I i’ve already open comment.php, but i’m failed 😀
    please you check

  • It worked. Thank you.

  • Manoolia

    Nice 🙂

  • Manoolia

    Hi yayay,

    the [video class="vimeo"]video link[/video] shortcode must do the work. If you have the latest WordPress installed you have to place only the link as you can see on this link

    For the second question, seems the Leave a reply text is changed on your site. It has additional text added to it.

    Manoolia Team

  • christa

    Hi, I really like the look of this theme! I was wondering, though, is there any way to make the logo area bigger? It’s really constricted and I have a bigger logo I’d like to use. Thank you.

  • Manoolia

    Hi christa,

    yep you can make the logo bigger by going to Theme Options / Custom Scripts and Styles section and just place this piece of css

    .header nav h1.logo img {
    width: auto;

    On the Custom Styles text-area and just save it.


  • SidelinePass1

    Great theme! I’m using it for my blog at
    On Firefox, the posts that aren’t set as featured have the smaller left justified photo (which is what I want.) But on Chrome, the photos are full justified and the same size as the featured posts up top. Any suggestions how to fix it on Chrome?

  • William Workman

    First, I love this site. Very professional and end-user oriented. I wanted to move the menu from the right and place it just below the logo on the left. What CSS code would do this?

  • Hi William,
    thanks you. You can do that by placing this piece of css:

    .top-bar-section ul {
    width: 100%;

    to the Custom Css field under Theme Options


  • Hi,
    have you tried to regenerate the thumbnails. You can use this plugin to do that


  • SidelinePass1

    Thanks for the suggestion but it didn’t work on the Chrome look. They look fine using Firefox; it’s just the view in Chrome.

  • Please provide any screenshot of the problem and we can check it out. Thanks

  • William Workman

    Thanks for the help on last one. Got another problem I would like help with. When on a cell phone or tablet, the header area resizes(this also happens when in an browser is re sized to a smaller size on a PC). This cuts off a portion of the header. I would like to disable this resize. I want the header to be locked in size regardless of the browser or cell phone’s size. Please inform. Thanks.

  • SidelinePass1

    I posted a screenshot of the two versions – Firefox and Chrome with info on both browsers.

    In Chrome: Version: Version 39.0.2171.95 – Most recent.
    I get a full image vs. a box with a left-aligned thumbnail with text on the right.

    In Firefox: 34.0.5 – Most recent.
    The images work fine (I just have to adjust photo sizes). But the recent blog posts images work.

  • Ainars Raciks

    Hello. I really like the look of theme. I downloaded it but for some reason pages/categories at upper side, at header does not show up. “Home, Porfalio, Shortcodes, Submenu, Contact”, as show here – those buttons just not there. How do I enable them?

  • Kulali Basavaraj

    How to edit Title tag in header.php. I want to add title to blog. I am new to php. Please help

  • Hey @kulalibasavaraj:disqus ,

    You can change the title by going to Settings -> General -> Site Title on the Dashbord


  • Hi,
    you need to create your own menu under Appearance -> Menus


  • Hi @disqus_lglDwBOohk:disqus,
    unfortunately there isn’t any option to do that because the site was made to be responsive and be fluid for every kind of device it’s being used.


  • Alex

    I’m loving the theme but two questions:
    1. I am finding that if I upload a featured image for a featured post it will look good on the slideshow but it doesn’t resize properly for the blogpost itself. Is there a way to fix this?
    2. What are the optimal resolutions for pictures and featured images etc. using the theme?

  • mich

    I uploaded a body background, but it is not showing up on my site. And is there a way to create more empty space on the two sides

  • Hi Alex,

    please try to place feature images 825×400 px or bigger.


  • Hey @disqus_H5ypluFw6F:disqus,

    please download again the theme files and re-install it. We fixed a small bug on it and now you should be able to change the background 🙂

    The theme doesn’t have the option to increase the space between the sides.


  • Greg

    Great theme! How do you modify or remove the bottom menu? Thanks!

  • Iroiro Cloth

    How to seting slide show ?

  • Hey Iroiro,
    you need to check the Featured Post to the right of each post you want to show on the slider.


  • Hi Greg,
    you need to remove the elements of the Footer Menu under Appearance -> Menus and that will do the job.


  • Hi, great theme, I was wondering what plugin you use for social widget? I’m trying to implement Monarch (Elegantthemes) but it’s broken on this theme,

  • Heang Rotha

    it is free ? May I upload these file into godaddy hosting ? it working with godaddy?

  • Home , Portolio , …. contact

    how to create this menu at the top website

  • Hi @heangrotha:disqus,

    you can create a menu on Appearance -> Menus on the admin dashboard


  • Hi,

    it’s an implementation of ShareThis without a wp plugin.


  • Yes, it is free and you may upload it to godaddy, but don’t forget to leave the link to Manoolia 🙂


  • it done ,thanks , but how can I change my website description ?

    ” Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or
    delete it, then start blogging! Read More. Copyright. Created by · About.”

  • Hi Heang Rotha,

    you need to be familiar with the WordPress’ dashboard to use it. Here,

    you can find everything. Also please don’t delete “Created by” as you need to refer us in order to use the theme for free.

    All the best,
    Manoolia team

  • I maybe delete ” Create by” already , but tell me again how to re place it back ..

  • Simon

    Hi there, is there a way to change the button color?

  • William Workman

    thanks, I added this in scripts and styles and it works good enough

    .header nav h1.logo img {
    width: 70%;

  • William Workman

    For me this has no effect. The default top menu is place top right, i think fixed. I want this to be top left fixed just under the logo placement. I want it to stay there and I want to disable the menu change when the window is resized smaller.

  • Wow i monitor your theme, really it’s awesome and it’s out looking is perfect. So i also want to use this them for my iOS

  • hansm

    Hello guys,
    first off all, thanks for creating this awesome theme!

    I tried to change the main color for the theme, but it doesn’t seem to apply. It still shows me the violet touch on the very top and also on the buttons. Do you have Any idea what might goes wrong?


  • Just go to Theme Options –> Footer Options and add COPYRIGHT © 2014 MANOOLIA – All rights Reserved. on Footer Text field

  • Jackson Kent

    Hi, whats the font that is used on the preview of Miomio. I would like to select it from the backend of the theme under theme options.

  • Escorpión de Jade

    Hi, I love this theme but I’ve never install one before and I don’t know how to install it on wordpress. There’s some tutorial or something I could use in order to install it? 🙁

  • Marije

    Please can you tell me how I can change the button colours, and what the main theme colour in the options page relates to? Thank you 🙂

  • Marije

    Also, please could you tell me if and if so how I can change the font of the date/timestamp, category and comments line underneath the post title?

  • Hi Jackson Kent,

    the font in the preview is “Source Sans Pro”


  • Hi Escorpión de Jade,

    you can learn lot of stuff here


  • Jose

    Hey. I’ve just started on this theme. My Theme Options have several issues i can set in, but the buttons are disabled. I cant turn on the slider and insert logo etc. What should I do?
    Advance Tnx.

  • Hi William, did you have any luck with this? Regards Andy

  • I too am having the same problem, I am trying to change from the default colour (a shade of purple) but no matter what colour I choose it does not change!

  • sa

    How can i add slider in head section.

  • test 123 i will use this theme

  • hansm

    did you finnd a solution yet @andycockayne:disqus? I hstill have no luck unfortuntaly 🙁

  • Hi @disqus_ZH7QiGtOaN:disqus,
    please download the theme again as it has some updates options for button’s color etc.


  • The slider should be there automatically if you have any features post. You can make a post as features by checking on the single post admin, right of the screen.


  • Hi @disqus_PlAYQ9HFPC:disqus,
    please download the updated theme again. It has button’s color options too 🙂

  • Hi @Marije,
    you need to add it with custom css. There is no option on the admin to do that.


  • Just download the theme again. It has those options now 🙂

  • Hi guys,
    please download the latest version of the theme. It has the options to change buttons color now 🙂

  • shana bacha

    how add projects to porfolio page ?

  • shana bacha

    how add projects to portfolio page ?

  • Alexander König

    Hi Manoolia,
    great theme. How can you install the social sharing options?

    Best regards

  • Joon Hao Tham

    Hi there, I realized that the site is not responsive (width etc). When I browse with phone, the size just didnt fit well. Kindly advice. Thanks!

  • Rahul

    Thanks for the theme. But the widgets on posts page are appearing at the end of the page and not in the sidebar. You may check the screenshot attached below. Please Help me out.

  • shana bacha

    Awesome theme, but tell me one thing how add pagination ?

  • Hi Joon,
    thank you! We’re improving the theme continuously.

  • Rahul

    No help ???? 🙁

  • Hi @disqus_TCs3BDL170:disqus,
    please send us a link of the page.


  • Varinder Singh

    How can I configure the contact page? Using the plugin the feedback form ends up on the side of the map and not below it?

  • Hey guys, the theme is great! I have some issues with the header though: I want it on two rows, one with the logo, one with the menu, and centered. So I’d like some help, if possible, with the following:

    1. How to center the whole content of the sidebar?

    2. Is it possible to hide the logo while scrolling and make the header smaller? Or hide the header altogether?


  • Hi Vlad,
    The options that you want are not possible for the moment.
    Those customization are beyond our free services because that will take us development time.

    Please check the theme in the future as we might upgrade it to include your desired customization too.


  • Hi Alexander König

    You can use a wordpress plugin for this.


  • Hi shana bacha

    First you have to create project types by going to Projects -> Type.
    To create a project you have to go to Projects -> Add New. Here you have to complete all the fields and select the type.


  • Hi shana bacha

    Pagination is included in theme but you have to set the number of posts that you want to show in one page by going to Setting -> Reading and add the number to “Blog pages show at most”


  • Hi Varinder Singh

    Can you please send us a screenshot for this.


  • Varinder Singh

    Please see image.

  • Himesh Saraf

    Hi.. I am not sure how to work on this but I like the theme.. I am going to try to figure it out and then see how it works. Thank you for adding the theme!

  • Thanks for latest version, please keep updates & new features coming.

  • Marije

    Hi again 🙂 Thanks for the previous answers. I have another question, about portfolios this time.
    Please could you tell me how I could add a portfolio? I have created the project types and the pages, but I would like to have a portfolio page like you have on the preview. I can just get it to display a portfolio page with an “archives” header, but I would like a header like yours (with text I choose).
    I would like a snazzy page wth just the feature images, and not a page that looks like any posts pages do. Please see a screenshot of what I mean 🙂 and I would want it to look like this: – I hope it makes sense, it’s hard to explain.

  • NemamIme

    Awesome theme , but how to set slideshow (Sorry for bad English)

  • Sonsolo

    How do i set the slider!

  • Hi @sonsolo:disqus,
    you need to check the “Featured” option on each post if you want to make it as an item of the slider.


  • Hi NemamIme,

    np for the englisht 🙂

    you need to check the “Featured” option on each post if you want to make it as an item of the slider and make sure you place the featured image for the posts.


  • Thank you!

  • Thank you @jayism:disqus !

  • sky2035i

    Looks good in demo.
    Is there any way to get dummy data as demo?

  • Himesh Saraf

    You are very welcome 🙂
    I am still working on it 🙂 You could check it out.. I think it looks okay 🙂

  • Great theme! Is there a way to put the author name in the post header?

  • Hi,

    sorry for now there is not a way. We’ll do it in our next version coming soon.


  • Hi @sky2035i:disqus,

    We have not created dummy datas. We’ll try to make some in the future.


  • ALLTRADIS Traduction

    Hi, I downloaded MioMio, and then tried to add it to my themes on WordPress, but it says that the size of the file exceeds upload_max_filesize, in php.ini, what should I do? thanks!

  • Hi @alltradistraduction:disqus,

    you can upload the file with ftp, or increase the max size limit.


  • Neolexia

    Hey awesome theme – but one problem. The featured slider seems to default the featured pictures to a specific size, which doesn’t fill the whole area of the featured slider. Is there a fix coming for this? thanks,

    jordan rago

    twitter: @jordanrago

  • Ronald

    Can I change the footer and removed the “COPYRIGHT © 2014 MANOOLIA – All rights Reserved. Created by” ?

  • Neolexia

    What is the name of the plugin, and where would I go after, to place it?

  • shana bacha

    i had an issue with MIOMIO theme kindly can you tell me about how i ade page template and customize template in this theame

  • Marije

    Please let me know how to get the portfolio page behave the same as in your example 🙂

  • ibnmak

    Thanks for the theme, But I am facing problems when adding post contents. Please find the attached screen shot and please help me.

  • Hi ibnmak ,

    please put this css on Theme Options –> Custom Css

    article.feed-item .feed-excerpt p {
    word-break: break-word

  • Hi @disqus_0pixvbcvMj:disqus,

    nope. This theme is for free and we would at least have some attribution for that .


  • ibnmak

    Thank u very much that worked.

  • You’re welcome!

  • Hi @neolexia:disqus,
    keep an eye on new changes. We’ll make an update soon.


  • Aamil

    how to remove featured pic on post ??
    awesome theme….

  • Reza Dompu Wae

    Thanks a lot for the themes.. what a great and nice theme..

    How the way i put menus PORTFOLIO in my own website looks like in demo preview of miomio?
    and the menus of BLOG looks like in
    theres a READ MORE and more post that we posted..

    i have made Page for Portofolio and Blog, but it was empty. and theres no post..

    Thanks for your Answer..

  • Reza Dompu Wae

    hi @marije
    that you have the answer of your question?
    i think, we have same problem..

  • Mello

    Hi, love the theme!
    I do have a few questions though..

    1. Is there anyway to change the background color of the top menu? It’s currently that light gray, was curious if I could change that somehow.
    2. One featured slideshow, is there a way to change the hover color of the next image? I changed my theme to all red/black and noticed when I have a featured post with the slideshow, the button to move to the next image always hovers purple.

    Thanks so much!

  • Mello

    Question regarding changing colors with your theme. Can I just edit the .css file in the editor or is there a better way to do that? I currently cannot change the header background color or change the hover color on the featured slider – which defaults to purple. I really enjoy your theme! Thanks so much for your time and effort!

  • Patrick Obey Enyia

    Thanks for allowing access to this beautiful wordpress blogging theme – MIOMIO.

    I am grateful.


  • Hi @Mello,

    If you are familiar with css you can put the style to custom style section on theme options. We’re continuously updating the theme so keep an eye for new versions.


  • Please send as a screenshot of what you want to achieve


  • Hi @disqus_pZUQ7GuP1g:disqus,
    please create categories for portfolio and assign portfolio posts a category

  • Hi @shanabacha:disqus,

    if you’re familiar with wordpress themes you should be able to edit the theme files

  • Mello

    That sounds good, appreciate your response!
    Do you know what class is the hover event for the featured article? It’s currently set to purple and was hoping to change that.



  • Daniel Humfy

    How can i change the color of the menu bar?

  • Daniel Humfy

    how to change the menu bar color?

  • cnotv

    Hi, thanks for the theme!

    I would to ask you if there’s a way to set the fallback for walker of the nav_bar.
    I prefer to visualize the menu as list of pages, instead of have a menu.
    To make it clear, I would like to have it like in the footer!

    Is there a way?

    Thanks in advance

  • yerkenurgali

    sorry. how to turn on the slider ? Thank U. For template thank you!

  • jassim

    IS it RTL ready ?

  • Unfortunately not yet.


  • Hi @yerkenurgali:disqus,

    you need to make a post as featured on the right side of a post admin page.
    The slider are featured posts.


  • Hi @cnotv:disqus,
    the walker is used of the menu classes ( active, has-dropdowns etc ). So maybe if you style the top menu to look like the footer seems to be a good solutions.


  • yerkenurgali

    Thank U. You can disable your comment plugin?

    2015-03-16 22:38 GMT+06:00 Disqus :

  • yerkenurgali

    How can I change the color of the slider? and how to turn off the power button on the top in the slider

    2015-03-17 10:32 GMT+06:00 Yerkebulan Nurgali :

  • yerkenurgali

    and how to change color when i point to the icon. Thanks!

    2015-03-17 11:07 GMT+06:00 Yerkebulan Nurgali :

  • cnotv

    Yeah I was looking for it, without success, but to set a fallback instead of change the classes or the walker?

  • Guest

    Great Theme but I found a small error when looking at a source file that gets generated..

    The body tag class attribute has some wrong values in it:

    This is due to the following code in body tag of header.php:


    Function body_class(); already outputs class=”” so that line of code should just be:

  • Great Theme but I found a small error when looking at a source file that gets generated..

    The body tag class attribute has some wrong values in it:

    This is due to the body tag in header.php calling body_class() inside class tag.

    Since function body_class(); already outputs class=””, that text class=”” is redundant.

  • Awesome, very fast and clean. This is the one of best WordPress theme. Keep it up!

  • Hey admin, Is anyway to hide featured image in a post?

  • Mello

    Hi There!

    Thanks so much for the theme, love the design! I do have a couple of questions when you have a moment.

    I notice that the blog images get a little stretched on mobile interfaces, but look really good on your blog example. Is there a specific size these images should be so they don’t get stretched?

    Also, what is the class selector that controls the grey color on hover of the images? I was hoping to take that off.

    Once again, thanks so much for your time and I will be sure to pass on your website/business to other people.

  • Ryan Nesbitt

    I can not seem to get two things to work. Comments (using Disqus) and my
    Title/Tagline. Neither of these things appear. They are all setup but
    do not appear. Help!

  • Ryan

    Hey admin, Is anyway to hide featured image in a post?

  • kekeo

    Where can i disable Mobile theme in miomio i will not have mobile

  • Sam Drury

    Awesome theme guys! I was just wondering how to alter the size of the Logo? It keeps coming up as small as anything. And I can’t seem to find the code to change it anywhere….

  • Hi @disqus_bzuFFnTBnL:disqus ,
    nope, there no any option like that. You need to edit the theme files to do it.


  • tudor

    Hi. What do you mean when saying “– Change copyright text”. Can I change the copyright with my own copyright?

  • Steven

    Hi, great theme. i’ve installed it, but can’t see all the theme options in the option page. Did I do something wrong?

  • Marije

    Hi 🙂 Do you have plans to update the theme to allow newer gallery types, like the mosaics etc?

  • lisa

    May I know what’s the picture size for feature slide and normal post? Thank you

  • Hi @disqus_pZUQ7GuP1g:disqus,
    we have in plan to update the theme as soon as possible.


  • Hi,

    the slider images are cut 823×400 and the single image posts’ thumb is the same. Thanks!

  • Petra

    Hi Varinder have you figured out how to do this? Thank you. 🙂

  • Petra

    Thank you for the beautiful theme. 🙂

  • Varinder Singh

    Nope 🙁

  • Hi @disqus_rZF8s2afo3:disqus,
    can you send a link of your page?


  • Petra

    Yes. Here is my page:
    Thank you. 🙂

  • Hi Varinder Singh,

    If you don’t have the latest version of the theme please download it.

    To add the contact form below the map you have go to Theme Option -> Contact and paste the contact form shortcode here


  • Petra

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Liz Delaney

    Can you put videos on this template?

  • Hey guys, I’ve finally installed the theme on my blog and I have one question. For posts with more than one category, the page looks like in the image below. How can I fix this?

  • Ok, I fixed it. You guys should look into content.php, lines 30 – 56. 🙂

  • Petra

    Hi @Manoolia:disqus I would like to ask you for a favour again. I have used your shortcodes of the lightbox but after the click it has cut my the to of the picture with my head. Please see the print screen: and I can’t also use the esc to go away from the preview. Thank you wery much for your help. 🙂

  • Hi @Petra,

    nice blog you’ve done 🙂

    There is a problem with the header of the theme. Hopefully we’ll change that in the next version release. Please for now try putting

    .page-id-22 .header {


    in theme options’ custom styles section.


  • yes @liz_delaney:disqus

  • Ben Duffield

    Hi. Is anyone having any issues with SEO by Yoast with this theme?

  • Liz Delaney

    My logo is popping up very small in the top left corner. How do i fix that?

  • Guest

    Hi, this is amazing your theme, but I have problems translating it. I see this

    Warning: The actual loaded translation content contains mixed textdomains and is not pure translateable within one textdomain.

    It seems, that there is code contained extracted out of other plugins, themes or widgets and used by copy & paste inside some source files.

    The affected unknown textdomains are: your-plugin-textdomain, v, themestart, so-panels, redux-framework-demo, redux, miomio

    and I can’t translate all needed words. Please help me.

    Thank you very much

  • Guest

    Hi, I use amazing your theme miomio, but I have problems translating it. I see this

    Warning: The actual loaded translation content contains mixed textdomains and is not pure translateable within one textdomain.

    It seems, that there is code contained extracted out of other plugins, themes or widgets and used by copy & paste inside some source files.

    The affected unknown textdomains are: your-plugin-textdomain, v, themestart, so-panels, redux-framework-demo, redux, miomio

    and I can’t translate all needed words. Please help me.

    Thank you very much

  • akisp

    Hey there,

    I have also sent an email about that but i never received an answer. I want to change the dimensions of the logo. Instead being a square and small I want it as a rectangle and bigger. How can i do that? Thanks for your reply in advance.

  • Hi akisp,

    sorry, but as this is a free theme we may delay in answering all support questions. You can change the dimensions of the logo you can add the following css code to custom css on theme options admin page.


  • Hi Liz Delaney,

    please use this code in the custom styles section on theme options


  • Daniel Roger Casanova

    Hello, I want to use this theme, however I loaded into wordpress and it’s missing features, how do I get all the feature in the demo?

  • akisp

    hey, i just pasted the code on the custom css page and didn’t work. Can you please check if the code is correct? do i have to add specific dimensions?

  • akisp

    hey, i just pasted the code on the custom css page and didn’t work. Can you please check if the code is correct? do i have to add specific dimensions? Also when i share an article on FBook the thumbnail doesn’t appear. Please HELP

  • Liz Delaney

    How do I go about changing the fonts on this theme through wordpress?

  • Liz Delaney

    If one the desired font is not an option under typography

  • Liz Delaney

    Where do i put my image in that coding?

  • Liz Delaney

    Also how do i change the font of the navigation header bar

  • Zoutzuur

    – Go to the editor in WordPress

    – Click: Style.css

    – Search for: .header

    – Here you will find Background (standard is #E7E7E7;)
    and here you can change it to another color.

  • Zoutzuur

    Hello Manoolia,

    Today i’ve downloaded the theme but i am missing or not seeing my menu items in the navigation bar. Though i do see them in my footer.

    Do you know how to fix this, or am i missing some code lines?


  • Celina

    I had the same issue and this worked perfectly! Thanks again for the free WordPress theme. You guys are the BEST!!!!!!!

  • Gagan Sharma

    Is there any sample data.xml for this theme so I can import the data working same like demo.

  • akisp

    Can you please help?

  • Iain Rutherford

    Great theme.

    Two questions:

    1. How do I add images to the slideshow and how do I get it to show? (I have the toggle set to ‘on’ in the settings but nothing is visible)
    2. How do I change the font family of the main nav menu?

  • prakash

    Hi Guys, I am unbale to put logo on this, this comes with a tiny size when i am putting this on the website

  • uday

    prity awesome theme you made my day !!

  • akhil

    you are awsom <3

  • Christiano Palmezan

    Cant find out how to include the slideshow

  • I like it, it’s clean and fast. However, I’m having a hard time changing the header theme and enlarging my logo. Is there a video tutorial? Thanks.

  • Is this theme SEO friendly?

  • Alkocen

    1. When you are creating a post, then on the right side there is a little checkbox named “featured”, check it and add an image, then you should see it on your slideshow.

    2. For changing font, I guess you have to edit CSS. Easiest way would be to go to Theme Options -> Scripts and Styles, and there paste this to the css section:
    .top-bar-section li:not(.has-form) a:not(.button){
    font-family: Impact, Charcoal, sans-serif;

    The impact font obviously is quite hideous, so find yourself something from here:

  • aman

    How can i remove created by manoolia from my page?

  • aman

    How can i remove CREATED BY MANOOLIA from footer??

  • John Karyu

    I want to hide featured image just inside post, how i do it?

  • Alicia


    I have two question:

    1. Is it possible to change the image alignment. Now it’s centered, but I want it aligned to the left or right.

    2. Is is possible to change the mouse over? When you hoover your mouse over the image, it now goes from color to black & white. And I want it to remain in full color.

    Thanks in advantage.

  • Dave Nourse

    Good question, Alicia – I’m wondering the same thing about image alignment. It appears from the demo page that the image can be scaled or aligned left or right. Any insight?

  • Clarence Apat

    Hi great themes i want the the bars and buttons from violet to make it black what should i do sir/mam? heres my subdomain for testing more powers and god bless!

  • Chairil Yudhita

    Hi Alicia & Dave,

    Maybe these codes can help you : Dashboard >> Themes option >> Scripts and Styles :

    .alignleft {

    display: inline;

    float: left;

    margin-right: 1.5em;

    width: auto;


    .aligncenter {

    clear: both;

    display: block;

    margin-left: auto;

    margin-right: auto;

    width: auto;

    max-width: 100%;


    .alignnone {

    display: block;


    .alignnone img {

    max-width: 100%;


    .alignright {

    display: inline;

    float: right;

    margin-left: 1.5em;

    margin-bottom: 1.5em;

    width: auto;


  • Dave Nourse

    Thanks for your help, Chairil!! I copied your code into the custom CSS, section. How would you recommend I go about indicating that I want specific featured images to be aligned to the left or right?

    Thanks again!

  • Ram Raj

    Hey I wanna add new text boxes like future of web design,device……. How do i do it? pl reply

  • Ehtesham Nasim

    hello @Manoolia:disqus
    The featured slider seems to default the featured pictures to a specific size, which doesn’t fill the whole area of the featured slider..
    image size=824*400
    Thank you for your reply

  • Jignesh Khatri

    Hey Great Theme!

    But I am struck at one point. How can I create Header menu and add menu items like home, portfolio, contact, submenus, etc.

    Thanks in advance for help!

  • This theme solved my problem.

  • Marcos Almeida

    Very good! Thanks! Hugs.

  • katalysts

    Feature posts no longer rotate. Just lists them on top of each other. Any help?

  • Why my slider don`t display anithyng? …

  • Broon

    When I download this theme there is no slider. How do I get it to appear?

    And is there really no header to put the title of my blog?? I just want to put my blog title in that big grey area in the top bar! How can i do this?

  • Prasanth Kumar

    Hi team,my website is gone fabulous among users because of your theme,thank you for this wonderful theme and design,and I want to tell you the highlight of your theme is “Its free to download”,thats why you guys are gonna be famous and thank you once again 🙂

  • Alan williams

    Hi Team I have facebook icon on sidebar working fine. Trying to get google+ icon to appear. have put in my url but nothing appears. Thanks in advance

  • Aduragbemi Abiodun

    Amazing theme,thanks a lot.

  • me site name and info does not show in the header!!! i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. my blog is any help will be apprieciated… please don explain with heavy terms *newbie* but with a functioning brain.apk though. thanks in advance

  • Aduragbemi Abiodun

    Hello, How do i change layout to full width or access layout option for this theme.

  • Edinson

    Love the theme.
    I have one question though. In the slider there are four empty slides that I can’t remove. They’re just empty, blank slides and not connected to a post or anything.
    How can I delete those?

  • Muchas gracias, esta plantilla de verdad me ha gustado bastante.
    Espero que sigan aportando excelentes productos como este de forma gratuita 😀

  • Steve Bradbury

    How do I adjust the featured image size? Looking to make the images smaller and more uniform. Thx

  • Aqs Malhotra

    Thanks for the wonderful theme. I uploaded it here:
    But there is one issue. Whenever I open the mobile site, half of the logo is not visible. Can you help me with that part?

  • Jatin Kumar

    Good Try but some basic, simple functionality like Post Pagination is not supported or maybe I’am not able to get around it.
    Support awaited

  • I am looking to change the h1 font color . im using this

    h1 {

    color: #672d82;


    in order to change the color, however its not working. Is there a reason why . Or is there another way to change the h1 font color.

  • Sompol

    Hi, i try this theme with my current wordpress but it seems that the features does not show up. I want to have a slide-show feature post on the top landing page as shown in the example. Can you help suggest me on this? thx.

  • Ankit Bhardwaj

    How can I change the default theme color and hover on n all?

  • KDB

    How do I get the slider to show the title of the post & forward/back buttons? The image appears correctly but with no buttons or title. Help…

  • Arhy Van Linux

    thanks bro

  • thanks

  • Nicole Holgate

    I never use themes – generally make my own, but I’m rethinking this after using Miomio. What a GREAT theme, guys. Simple to use, fast and good design!

    I am just having a problem with an RSS feed and any help would be appreciated.

    This is the message from Feedburner:

    The URL does not appear to reference a valid XML file. We encountered the following problem: Error on line 1: The markup in the document preceding the root element must be well-formed.

    Assistance greatly appreciated. I have created a child theme – not sure if that is the problem? I have also tried turning off plugins and have checked my child theme files for any spaces at the end of the docs – all good.

    With thanks,


  • Joe Rivera

    Hello! I love your theme. How can I go about loading your “demo” content, which will then allow me ease of making edits to my own specific content, photos. etc.? The layout of your demo would work perfectly for my food blog 🙂 Your soonest reply is greatly appreciated.



  • souvik dutta

    I am not getting the download link

    • Jetlir I.

      It´s fixed

  • Hello,

    Thanks for this lovely theme.

    Just a quick question. Is it possible to make the Featured Image slider appear randomly? Please let me know.

    Thanks once again

  • GnutHnirt

    I pressed “GET DOWNLOAD LINK” but waited not see a link sent via email?

    • Jetlir I.

      Hey mate,

      It should work. Did you check your spam folder?
      Otherwise send me an email at:

      ji (at)

  • hello, I’m currently setting up my theme but I’m having trouble with my list and image placement, it seems to be a problem with the theme but I don’t know how to fix this, do you have any idea

  • Dz Mehedi

    I’m a New Blogger. Feeling Confusion To Choose Theme,
    Now I Found My Perfect Theme 🙂

  • Ricardo Sumang

    can you help me how to remove date and time to my post and comments

  • megha

    i need to documatation .pls provide me link