iOS Open Source UI Libraries and Controllers

Using open source UI components for iOS can save lot’s of time. Further, it can give good ideas to improve the UX (user experience) by using proven methods.

Menu interface: Controller Libraries

CarbonKit – Tab Navigation & Refresh

First we’re going to present you CarbonKit – an OpenSource iOS UI library by our iOS developer Ermal. It’s a neat tab-navigation, often seen at implementations of Googles Material Design in Android apps.
Carbon iOS tab navigation

Besides the navigation, the library also includes this neat swipe refresh.
CarbonKit Loading UI

Guillotine Transitioning Animation Menu

This Swift menu by Yalantis is gorgoues to look at and use.
Transition ios 8 menu


Awesome stuff, very smooth.
floating ios tabbar


If you’re looking for something more, take a look at this iOS7/iOS8 menu. There are many good combinations of colours, icons and backgrounds which come in my mind how one could put this menu into use.

Persei – a unique approach

If you have a app which can put this beautiful menu by Yalantis or a variation of it into use, definitely take it into your consideration. The big buttons are at least hard to miss. It’s works though only for iOS 8.x, Swift 1.1 or 1.2 .

Dropdown navigation controller

This dropdown is inspired by iOS7 Dropbox and Vine apps.

RP Sliding Menu

If you’re into big pictures, like a display of mobile ecommerce categories, or a travel app, this might be something for you.
RP Sliding Menu

MS Dynamics Drawer View Controller

Long name, looks simple, but still many features. It has four different ways of transition. Worth a look.

Mutual Mobile Drawer Controller

If you don’t know this Controller yet, there isn’t much to see in the first sight. But there’s a lot more to behind. It’s one of the most used navigation controllers with over 3.000+ stars and 700+ forks. Thing is, it has several animations and other customizations you can choose from.
mobile drawer controller

JV Menu Popover

If you want to build one which goes across the whole screen, this might be for you.


Very simple. Works for iOS 7+


I can’t remind the name of one notes app which uses this kind of design with various colour layouts. But it is something many can put into use. Just try a couple of different colour palettes.

Simple transparent Side Menu

This menu is written in Swift, and can be implemented in various app designs to make it look beautiful.

Various other iOS Controller Libraries

Tableview – MGSwipeTableCell

This neat library to create a UITableViewCell with swipeable buttons can come in handy for various mobile app projects. It includes several different transitions from which you can choose your favourite.

DK Night Version

If you have an app which relies heavy on reading, then you should think about adding a night version to your mobile app.

Alert library

If you plan to make use of alerts in your next app project, take a look at NZAlertView.
iOS alert view

Sweet Alert iOS

There’s also this way of alerts. Definitely passes the beauty and usability test.
sweet alert ios library

JT Material Transition

JT can be used in various ways.
jt material transition

For more, visit:

To learn more about interfaces, read the guide by apple – designing for iOS.


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iOS Open Source UI Libraries and Controllers

Using open source UI components for iOS can save lot’s of time. Further, it can give good ideas to improve the UX (user experience) by…

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