PSD and Sketch to WordPress


Fashion, clothes, shopping…
all these words that come in our mind almost every
single day.

Are you looking for a new pair of denims lately?
Than you are in the right place!

“Bones of Glory” is a brand for unique denim jeans.

Move freely from day to night to complement a new
modern lifestyle is their aim and challenge.

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Passion for cars?

If yes, we are absolutely sure that you have heard
about the famous old Ford Mustang!

This is the page where you can read about its history,
you can feel the Mustang by hearing its sound, imagining
being on a ride with it and rent one of them
if you want to make your event more
special than ever!

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For the ones that have seen
“The Wild, Wild World of Animals” series,
or have played Fallout 3, you probaly know
there are compositions from the successful composer
Gerhard Trede.

This website is dedicated to him the great composer
from Hamburg, by the Gerhard Trede foundation.

You can read about his life history,
listen to his compositions and learn more about what the
Gerhard Trede Foundation does, which has supported
90 projects till now.

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Welcome to the “white” world!

This is the website of the dental office of
Zahnteam Blankenese in Hamburg.

From this website you can get details about
the work they do,
hours they work,
their services and
you can even request an appointment with their
specialized team.

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What does composing mean?
What is the benefit for children creating and playing with music?

Children discovering sounds and composing experimental music.
This is what Klangradar´s-Berlin aim it.

Exploring and developing music is already
in the elementary school curriculum of pupils in Berlin.

Explore the website to get more info about Klangradar´s project
and navigate through their galleries to get a good view of their work.

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… and many more which we are not able to mention
because of white-label services for other
web development agencies.

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Albania Investment Council

About Albania Investment Council

The Albanian Investment Council was set up by Albanian authorities to reinforce the dialogue between the Albanian government and the private sector,
supported by the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development).
Additional support is provided by a Secretariat of independent professionals selected and contracted by the EBRD to directly engage with the business community.
The Council is designed to improve the dialogue between the private sector and the state authorities,
with the goal to enhance the prioritisation of policy reforms.
For the Investment Council it is essential to remain transparent as a platform, independent and inclusive.

Used Services

  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • JavaScript, JQuery


Albania Investment Council



The Challenge

The Investment Council needed a website including a design to present themselves and their work. It had to be easily manageable so that the staff can publish new articles and share their materials.


Design and Development had to be done in a short-time


The staff had to be able to use it without previous experience


The website had to be secure and updated regularly


Besides the basic structure of content management, there are two main features we needed to implement

Responsive optimization
Providing the same experience for mobile and tablet devices.

Downloadable reports, surveys, gallery-images, and a multi-language newsletter.

The Solution

A personalized design, custom-developed in the WordPress-CMS which can easily be handled by the council´s intern staff to accomplish what they want: publish new articles and share them with their readers. What could be easier than using WordPress?

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