Reasons To Teach Your Children To Code

The fact that the internet is evolving at a light speed is no more an assumption but a reality in which we are living in. There are 3.2 billion users who use the internet regularly, and the number increases every day. This entire virtual world has had its negative effects but the positive ones are changing and shaping our reality in a way we could had never imagined.
The Internet has created new professions and generates new jobs, mostly for young creative people who create websites, mobile applications, design artworks and various programs in order to make peoples’ lives easier and better.
Digital professions are the future of our children and many governments and international companies like Microsoft and Facebook have launched projects for children to learn to code. Now coding is becoming part of the education system in many countries.

What are the main reasons why your children should learn how to code?

  • Digital professions are the future
    Get rid of the idea that the traditional professions and the job market will bring money to the table in the future! Robots are taking our jobs every day and this will continue to happen because companies reduce labor costs band time – and robots can do that! Not only robots but many software companies create everyday systems and programs that are simplifying the way companies manage their employees, finances, and other aspects. This is reducing the need for companies to hire accountants or engineers. As the internet and its giant companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are creating new jobs, the digital workplace is growing and becoming more professional, more reliable and more profitable for young professionals (web programmers, designers, project managers, digital marketing experts, etc.)
  • They express their creativity
    A new and innovative idea today is worth billions of dollars. Young people with innovative ideas are creating startups and getting funds by angel investors. Imagine if your child could know how to create a website or an application: she would have all the freedom to express her creativity and sell the products online. There is no better way to earn a living than selling your creative skills nowadays. Did you know that a four-year-old girl asks about 390 questions per day? Children are so curious! Don’t tell them to stop asking questions, fuel their curiosity and let them be their true selves.

Best platforms for children (and adults) to learn

The internet offers many opportunities for everyone to learn about almost everything! In the past years, tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and Facebook have teamed up with other companies in order to create new programs to teach children how to code. They see it as very important for children to have programming skills since the marketplace is going in that direction and the evolution of technology and internet is changing the way we work in a very fast way. If you are aware of the importance of programming, let us give you more information on how you can help your children to learn to code, using these platforms:

  • Swift Playground
    According to Swift Playground, it is possible for all of us to “Learn serious code on your iPad. In a seriously fun way.” Swift Playground is not only for children but for everyone who doesn’t have any coding experience. Swift Playground is an iOS app only for iPads and you can learn to program in the Swift programming language (created by Apple) by solving puzzles. The app is free and is being used by more than 100 schools around the world. According to Apple, the best app programmers have used this programming language to create famous apps. You can download it here:
  • Minecraft
    After buying the game, Microsoft has created a special program for children by combining Minecraft and in order to teach children coding techniques while playing. The main reason why Microsoft is doing this is because children spend a lot of time playing and in order to not waste this huge amount of time, they can play, have fun and learn to code instead.
  • is a nonprofit organization that is helping children and young people around the world to learn coding and programming, for free. is the nonprofit behind “Hour of Code” project, intended to teach children how to code in the most fun and easy ways. For the development of “Hour of Code” projects, has partnered with Microsoft (for Minecraft game) and Disney (for using Frozen and Star Wars characters in programs that are teaching children programming).


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Reasons To Teach Your Children To Code

The fact that the internet is evolving at a light speed is no more an assumption but a reality in which we are living in….

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